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About the pomsky breed

The Pomsky is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian and is often referred to as a “designer dog breed.” The pomsky is a relatively new breed tends to be of the fluffy, cuddly variety, but there’s a lot of variation in these dogs, as well. Here’s what you need to know about this newcomer breed.

Overall Impression of a pomsky

The overall impression of a Pomsky is of a small but powerful northern-breed dog with substantial bone, small erect ears, and curled tail with typical ‘husky’ markings.

Size of a pomsky

Toy size pomsky 5-9 pounds and under 10” at the shoulder.
Mini size pomsky over 9 pounds and up to 15” tall.
Standard size pomsky  15-18” tall and generally between 18-25 pounds.

Temperament of the pomsky

The Pomsky is a joyful, affectionate dog with great humor and character should be outgoing, confident, but non-aggressive and social with people and other dogs..

Colour & Markings of the pomsky

The pomsky tends to have a white or cream ground with markings on the head, face, or back with the typical ‘husky’ markings including a generally symmetrical mask is more desirable but the pomky can also come with a solid colored coat of any color the Nose color should harmonize with the coat color  Eyes may be any color or combination of colors. Color and markings should not be considered more highly than a dog’s general conformation and breed type overall no good dog is a bad color.

Coat of the pomsky

The pomskies coat is double, with a soft undercoat (Two coat varieties) a velvet similar to a Siberian husky or plush Longer coat on the body and a distinct tail plume and ruff, similar to a Pomeranian.

Body of the pomsky

The pomskies body is short-coupled and slightly longer than tall. Dogs possess substantial bone for their size. Neck carried proudly arched. Tail may be curled over their back or carried out behind in motion like a banner, but when uncurled, should reach to the hock. If curled, the tail should be long enough to form a loose three-quarters circle. Level topline. Ribs should be well-sprung and the chest relatively deep.

Head of the pomsky

The pomskies head is round, with the muzzle making up approximately 1/3 of the skull length. The muzzle should be full. Triangular ears should be small and set on the corners of the skull. Eyes are almond shaped and set obliquely. Eyes should not be excessively round and of moderate size, neither too large nor too small. Bite should be level or scissors. The expression is keen but sweet, with a hint of mischief.

Feet & Legs of the pomsky

The pomskies legs should be approximately the same length from elbow to ground as the height from withers to elbow. Hocks short and straight, Bone should be round, and feet should be tight, neat, and relatively large. Movement: Movement should be free, springy, and floating.